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I love MOVEorPAY. It’s a motivational facebook app, that makes you achieve your objectives. It has 2 big motivational factors: - social pressure - fear of losing money How does it work: You make a pledge to do something for 30 days. For example, running at least 30 minutes/day. or swimming, or going to gym. Or calling potential clients, learning Chinese, etc :) If you are not doing that thing in one day, you are automatically penalized with $5 + your friends know about it So, you have 2 choices: - MOVE (achieve your objective, you get your money back at the end of the program, boost your personal brand) - or PAY (money, selfesteem, respect from others, etc)

I have a Mitsubishi Outlander from 2009, bought from Mit Motors Romania (a Romanian dealer). They gave me 5 years guarantee for the car. After 3 years I encountered 2 problems with car (at ventilation system and at the wheels support) that broke. Unfortunately, Mitsubishi Romania (the importer) does not want to cover the costs for these, because they consider that the guarantee does not cover them. They say that is because the normal usage of the car, not because the a fabrication fault. But I am wondering, why would somebody would give 150,000 km guarantee for the ENTIRE car if after 63,000km the car starts to break apart? This way, they can offer for new cars 100 years guarantees, because anyway they will say the faults are due normal usage. This is bullshit. I totally understand not to offer guarantees for things like windscreen wipers or break plates. But not things from inside the car! So, i urge everybody not to believe the 5 years guarantee bullshit, because is with a small footnote: is in guarantee if it's not used. If you use it, suddenly the factory faults becomes usage problems and are not cover by the so call Mitsubishi guarantee. For this respect, my Mitsubishi review is a negative one!

I'm working with Terex Bendini supplier BSL Machinery for several months now. What i can testify about them is that they are extremely professionals, just like a Swiss watch. They are selling a lot of cranes brands, from Terex Bendini to Merlo, and so on. The director is Elena Petrunina, which I strongly recommend her as a business partner. So, if you want a Terex Bendini equipment, don't hesitate:

Florin Ortan is one of the best cardiology doctors in Romania and maybe in the world. I had the privilege to meet him for several hours and i must say that i am proud to be Romanian, just like him. Florin Ortan is the head of the cardiology department of CLINICCO Brasov, one of the best cardiology hospitals in this part of the world. Strongly recommanded

If u are searching for Bucharest restaurants reviews, than i am suggesting you to visit This site has been done and maintained by George Butunoiu (, one of the biggest executive search persons here in Romania and a fanatic eater :) The Restograf takes over a thousands of Bucharest Restaurants and write personal reviews. Apart for this personal reviews, on the site you can find the Romanian VIPs restaurant preferences. And also there is a section where site visitors are giving reviews for their favorite Bucharest Restaurants. The site was launched in 2011 and it already is the biggest site on this subject. Bon appetit :) Restaurante Bucuresti -

I had the opportunity of visiting Clinicco Brasov 2 times. I was very much impress of several things: First, Clinicco is one of the cleanest hospitals i ever seen. I have the feeling you can eat from the floor, which is not a small thing, comparing other romanian hospitals. Second, at clinicco i was impressed by the people working there. Very serious, very "ardeleni". The fact that at Clinicco they are doing top of the top of heart surgery and they are very modest about this, i think they deserve more gratitute. So, my Clinicco review is a top score one :) Congratulations!

I am so pissed on FatCow, that i told them that I will write a negative review if they keep messing up the service. So, here is my review on Fatcow. Fatcow has a nice infrastructure, graphic, a nice cow. But that's about it. In 7 days i had 3 major crashes. Once even the fatcow site was down for more than 1 hour. Now it happened again. I'm moving away all the sites from there. DO NOT USE FATCOW! Even if it's very cheap. It's cheap and it's for nothing. Too bad. I read some fatcows reviews before and i hoped that they sort that out those bugs. But i was mistaken. Fatcow hosting is not reliable.

Dr Fe Magundayao, from Dentistry Beyond Smile, 271 Madison Ave. Suite 801, New York , N.Y. 10016 is NOT A RELIABLE PERSON. I am saying this from my experience and after a long time i've discussed with her, trying to solve this diplomatically. More than 2 years ago Dr Fe Magundayao contracted Lugh Studio, owned by Peter Byrnes, to create her the company website. We worked like hell for her site and we did not being paid. The site was put live, everything delivered, new modifications have been done, but in vain, Dr Fe Magundayao did not paid us. That's why my review on Dr Fe Magundayao from Dentistry Beyond Smile is a negative one. I strongly recommend NOT to do any kind of business with this person. Dr Fe Magundayao is not reliable.

This is a book written by my friend Emanuel Grigoras, one of the best analytical minds i know. The book "The right place" was his first attempt to write, and a success. The book is very interesting. It force your brain to cope with some new aspects of story telling. The book, being small, it's a recommended reading. And it's free to download, from The book will be published at Nemira!

StartEvo ( and is a project done by Iulian Craciun (, Alina Ferseta ( and me ( Our main goal is to inspire people to fight for their dreams. So we give them inspiration for this. First we are filming a lot of people that achieved something in their life. Gurus or normal persons, each have something to teach the other, to inspire the others. StartEvo wants to help people. One by one. Visit us to check out our efforts :) belongs to one of my friends, Mircea Scarlatescu. After a 2 years experience, hardworking and painstaking, became one of the leading flower shops in Romania. As I trust Mircea, i strongly recommend him and his site.

I want to write a review about Sarah Jones, one of the best impersonates in today's modern theater. I saw her performance on Ted's stage and I was very impressed. There were several women that Sarah Jones morphed into. A Jewish lady, a business woman, a puertorican, etc. After that performance, i had the curiosity to search more data about this actress. I saw that Sarah Jones got a lot of positive reviews from the critics. She's participating at events with Michelle Obama, with Meryl Streep, Chris Rock and other well known artists. So, overall, I like a lot Saraj Jones. And my review on her is 10 stars :)

I know Cabral Ibacka for several years now, from a Volksbank party, where Alina Ferseta hired him as host. Since then, we discussed several times and we saw that is a great guy. The project that I'm the most found of is Suflet si Zambete (Soul and smiles). His main purpose is to help orphans and old people to smile. He bought a van on his own money and he intends to bring 6-7 people at once to theater/circus/movie, etc. Cabral initiated this campaign and we also help him. In the past, he helped us also to raise funds for kids with cancer in terminal stages. My review for Cabral: 5 stars

I know Silviu Biris for several years now, when my wife hired him for a Volksbank event, when he participated along with Cabral. I was amazed to see his acting capabilities. He is a great person, a great actor (later i've heard that he acted in movies and he is a daily actor in the National Theater of Bucharest). My review on Silviu Biris is 5 stars. Highly recommended. He also agreed in participation in a video shooting for the StartEvo campaign - and, where he spoke about his life and what makes him go the extra step! Silviu Biris - 5 stars :)

ipad2 has promissed so much (via rumours) and delivered so little. There are several reasons why people did not bought ipad1 innitially: 1. no usb port 2. no sd port (actually no ports whatsoever) - steve jobs is pretty maniac about letting other connect to his ddevices 3. a very low screen resolution - 1024 x 768 4. very low disk space. any shitty notebook has 300GB or more. Here, Apple are making money by selling 16GB more. Common 5. wifi of ipad2 was very poor. From 20,000 reviews on amazon regarding ipad 2, most of them criticized the weak wifi connection. Average rating was 3.5. In the ipad2, they added 2 cameras + some software + an increase processing power (for what I ask?). Unfortunatelly same resolution, and still no USB port. I am very pissed off on this approach. So, I will not buy ipad 2, just because of this. The only big advantage is the battery life, upt to 10h, which is difficult to find in the laptops world My overal ipad2 review: nice facelift, but i'll not buy it.

Yesterday I've been to cinema to Little Fockers. I read reviews before, and it seemed the movie was great. And actually it is.I really liked it. Great actors, great plot, great comedy situations. Little Fockers is a well deserved continuation of the Meet the fockers series.. 10 thumbs up in my review for this Little Fockers. :)

CautPensiuni (I'm looking for BB) is a great source of information, done by Vali and Gabi Enescu, the owners of They have a full team of agents that goes, takes a lot of pictures and present the pensions from various angles. I recommand them and wish them good luck is a project done by George Butunoiu, based on his ability to give relevant reviews for food/service/ambiance for most important Bucharest restaurants. Restograf main feature are the tops. Experts tops, VIP tops and readers tops. There are over 100 VIPs that expressed their prefferences of the bucharest restaurants. This is the Michelin romanian counterpart :)

Maybe I am subjective:) I worked 2 years for neogen and Bestjobs. I even own a really small minority stock plan in Neogen. So it's normal to like Bestjobs. But, i can write an objective Bestjobs review: - right now is on the second spot in terms of traffic - is number one - bestjobs has the biggest number of jobs in Romania - bestjobs has the biggest number of companies - the number of applicants is 10x lower then ejobs, but the quality is also 10x higher. - the candidats on bestjobs are of a higher calibre than ejobs. So, if u want low level employees, ejobs will bring u more CVs.On bestjobs there are less candidats, but better. - bestjobs now has a online courses section Unfortunatelly, there are several negative reviews (both for bestjobs and ejobs) regarding spamming. Indeed, there is a history in this area, during the wild wild west gold rush I strongly suggest using bestjobs to everybody that needs a job :)

I've met Andreea Raicu (from Prima TV) last week, being recommed to her by another celebrity that it's between my clients. I was very impress. She is very connected, very smart and she knows a lot of things regarding internet and emarketing communication. It was a nice surprise. Here is her site:

I've done over 100 websites in wordpress in my consultancy company: Ferseta e-Consulting Cabinet. From very simple, with free/bought templates to very complicated ones, with a lot of extra programming. Overall, i can say that wordpress is great. And it becomes even greater, version by version 1. is very easy to work with. 2. there are a lot of developers around 3. there are tons of free wordpress plugins, that allowes u to get the functionalities you want, without costing you extra 4. the site itself has a tone of features 5. wordpress is perfect for google seo optimisation 6. there are zillions of other reviews on wordpress that say it's great 7. it started as a blog platform, but now is much better than drupal or joomla. It's the most used CMS in the world. You can check it on alexa, google adwords, and so on Negatives: - is not build in the next functionalities. If you have 3rd level pages, it did not keeps the main page selected in the menu (you need a workaround) - it's loading a little bit slower (you can improve this using some caching capabilities) - it has zillions of php files, so, if you need to make some modifications in core, it's difficult if you don't know where to look - if you upgrade to the next version and you made modifications outseide themes folder in wordpress, than u need to go over and redo the innitial settings My overal wordpress review: it rocks and i strongly suggest :)

Istria Restaurant from 163 victoriei street Bucharest has just being launched. Even they are my client, i can say that the food is excellent, services are ok and the ambient is very friendly. They have 120 seats, the food is fresh, brough twice per week from greece and italy. Near Istria, there is Marul De Aur - thei events saloon - for weddings, parties, etc

I know calin fusu, the Neogen CEO, for more than 4 years now. For a 2 years period if was also my boss, when i worked in neogen. What can i say about calin fusu: - he has a great mind - very extravagant, but not in the classic way - calin fusu is the ONLY person so far that made me so furious that i saw black in front of my eyes - very pragmatic - great entreprenour, not such a good manager for big company. Overall, is a great guy to learn from. Calin Fusu is worth knowing him

Me personally i've been exposed twice to nuskin. And until now i did not say yes. But the idea behind it is nice. First they scan you with a device they say it's a trademark, nobel prize winning, etc. This nuskin device will actually measure your level of anti-oxidants from your skin. Secondly, they are going to ask money for this scan :) isnot much, but the nuskin review is not nice especially due that (it matters how you pose this question: if your system is so good and you are so certain that will work, why not provide the scan for free?). Thirdly, they say a lot about the business itself. The don't care so much of becomming a buyer, but actually you provide more value to nuskin and the person that introduce it to the system. The products are insanely expensive (because they must cope with all the commisions up the the sixth level. The overall nuskin review is positive, because of the promise they gace, both in terms of products but also in terms of how much money u can make if you manage to convice other people to join. Personally, i don't like the ideea of convincing other people into this. But i can see its benefits for nuskin. So, my overall nuskin review is a good grade.

Recently i've met with Nicoleta Mincu from Nomasvello Romania. She presented me this great opportunity of opening a nomasvello franchise in romania. The costs are pretty low: 30k eur (in rates) + a monthly cost of 400 eur. The incomes are quite high, because cosmetic industry is blooming even on crisis. For example, in spain, now they are full of nomas vello francizes. You can make some 3-10k net per month. Which for a small 35-50 square meters space is enough. If you want more details about nomasvello romania francising options, please contact them directly at

Gerovital is the best anti-aging product in the world. The brand was developed like 30 years ago by ana aslan in Romania, in a famous geriatric institute. A lot of head of states and actores came to test gerovital functions. Gerovital is made from natural ingredients, from a period when "bio" was not a fashion hype. There are skin products, like Tonifying Cleansing Water from Gerovital, or Dark Spots Corrector Gerovital. Regenerating Hand Cream, Gerovital Body Lotion, etc. A brand line is called asla vital, with products like Restructurating Anti-Cellulite Body Milk. Everybody that used Gerovital wrote excellent reviews for it. Also my mother is using it and she is very happy with the results.

Google Adwords offers a grant for entities that are nonprofit. It's of 350 usd, and the accepted cost per click is max 1 usd. You can spend these money only on google search network and only if your quality score is high enough. They discontinued the display of the ads on the google display network, and this is a pitty. Google adwords grant is a very nice innitiative.

It's a huge competition for PC related products. For HP brand, is one of the most important resources of brand new and second hand HP laptops, desktops, printers, and so on. The design is not great, but they are serious, which count the most :)

Half a year ago I bought a keyboard from microsoft - Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600, from media galaxy orchideea shop. The price was excellent and the quality is very good. I recommand it

I am doing a site with google map api and I noticed something very weird. On Google maps, even on the original site, and ofcourse on the google map api, if you search several addresses on the same street in Romania, it shows the same location. For example Radu beller 3 it has the same pin as Radu Beller 39. And it is very annoying. Otherwise, I had done a tone of google map api for various sites. Fortunately, bing maps is working like a charm :) Fortunatelly, i have no problem with this google map in US. :)

This is a very nice site done by Alina Ferseta. Skin Care advices and skin products.

At jonny's suggestion, i bought an UPS with power surge protection: APC's Back-ups es 400. Is great. 30 minutes battery backup, no noise, 4 connections on battery, another 4 for surge protection. Is a great product, even it is a little bit more expensive than the others. APC's Back-ups es 400 is my recommendation

it's snowy outside and I have absolutly no problem with my nokian wrg2 tires. They work just like it would be summer. Instant response, no sliding, excellent grip. I really love them :) I already tested them for like 500km and i strongly recommend them. Nokia wr g2 are really really great

Actually, petrom IS the biggest romanian company. He has several refineries, hundreds of gas stations, huge sales. It was purchased by OMV Austria. The gas prices are ones of the smallest in Romania, which is ok

Today i went shopping at cora hypermarket, lujerului. My conclusion is that is insanely expensive. - water, perla harghitei 5l is 4.15 lei versus 4.00 at my convenience store - cow low fat cheese - 15 ron, versus 10 ron - milk - at cora hypermarket 3,2 ron versus 2,65 at crangasi and so on.does not pay to go to cora or carrefour - this is a great brand health related articole from James Heaton. A liitle long, but it worth reading.James is a very cool guy, with an advertising and e-marketing agency in NY. I worked with him several times and i recommand him and his work :)

Bucurestiul Insular is a small restaurant, near Hala Traian, in an old house, fully refurbished. The owner is Mircea Poenaru, one of my old business partners. The food is great, the services are ok and ambiance is nice. The restaurant is not big at all, being split on 2 levels. The cuisin of Bucurestiul Insular is quite fancy, with unusual combinations (sweet-sour, honey with tomato souce, fruits with turkey meat, etc). Prices are above the average, but there is a great quality and it's also quantity (so u don't have to go to mcdonalds afterwards to eat.) Bucurestiul Insular has also a terace. A lot of meat. The chef is the guy from The Brick in Corbeanca.

I am a frequent visitor of Evensys events. They are one of the best in emarketing in Romanian events environment: netcamp, webstock, and many others. Whenever I go to netcamp, i learn something new. I see that it becomes a very good habit of sharing what went wrong, not only what went well. Entrepreneurs are discussing, sharing ideas and best practices, it's very usefull. So, i recommend netcamp :)

I was a university buddy with Nicu Baicu. Great guy. From Oltenia, slatina. Very smart. And an excellent photographer. I worked with Nicu Baicu at several projects, for websites and for events and every time i was satisfied. So i highly recommend him :) You can contact him directly at

I never used slimero. Thanks god, i don't need to. My Body Mass Index is within limits. But i know very well the slimero brand owners, which are very good friends of mine. And, as I trust them very much, I am giving them a big thumb up. Because i know that whatever they do, it's good. So, slimero should be good also :)

Today i ordered for home some food from Dines Foisorul de Foc. The food was great. But i had on the final bill an extra 5 ron for delivery. And I specifically ordered more just to be over the minimum order amount. I am not happy about this extra charge. So i did not paid any "bacsis" to the delivery boy because of this.

I love Discovery Channel, because it is the best channel available today. Especially Discovery Science.

I know George Butunoiu for more than 4 years now. We have worked on various projects, we have launched a joined site "registrul aberatiilor", we ate together several times, I consulted him on several emarketing matters... He is a great guy. Excellent head hunter, one of the best in Romania, and I bet that is the best connected one. George Butunoiu likes also to review restaurants from Bucharest. His website is

Friday I bought a big couch from Bontas, from Bricostore Orhideea. Full leather, very soft, excellent quality. A little bit more expensive than Mobexpert, far more better than Elvila or Kika or other options. People very friendly and professional, very supportive (versus other furniture shops). I really like mobila bontas. The site is pretty low quality, still under construction.

With a huge selling area, Decathlon is on of the biggest retailers in the sport industry. With a selling area similar to carrefour, with zillions of products, especially french brands, Decathlon is a nice option when you want to buy anything, from tents, to climbing booths. I am really impressed

The story behind the Facebook creation - now I really like Facebook - Very aspirational movie, especially if you are an entrepreneur like me :) The movie is very energetic and I remind the Calin Fusu, which is quite similar in many ways with Mark Zuckerberg

I am a almost daily viewer of Mircea Badea, since it was with Teo in the show at Tele 7 Abc. I really admire the ability to do a stand alone comedy/thriller show, 5 days per week, for 7 years in a row. What i don't like a lot: the language is sometimes too rough. But it's ok after all. Also, I don't like that is a too pesimistic guy. It should stay of being cynical. Also, i appreciate how he can turn around every situation in an anti Basescu situation. He is different. And he has a lot of guts. Good for him.

An unique place in Romania are the muddy volcanos, near Buzau, at 130km from Bucharest. It's very interesting to see nature forces bubling near you :) A very apocaliptic landscape. Unfortunatelly, the restaurant from Vulcanii Noroiosi is not such a good option. The food is poor. Good thing is that the people there are very friendly and you feel welcomed. Too bad the food is crappy :)

Mihai Coman is one of my best friends. We known each other since faculty. Great guy, very ambitious. Now wants to participate in a triatlon. He sets objectives one after one and achieve them. The one step after another. In his proffesional life, he is ver

Zoltan Lorencz, nicknamed the "Star Photographs" is my friend. And I am proud of that. Because he is one of the best in Romania. He made hundreds of photoshootings and he is well known all over Romania. His portfolio is huge. You can see it here: www.zolt

I too have headphones 7.1 A4Tech but hs-7p and they are ok. :)

Emanuel "manu" Grigoras is one of my best friends. And one of the smartest too :) Excellent project manager, great analytical mind, with a global view of things he is one of my choices when i want to double check one of my ideas. He is the devil's advocat (Marius Ovidiu Calugaru) is one of the biggest bloggers in Romania. I worked with him several times on blogging projects and I am recommanding him 100%. Blogatu is very serious, very proactive, very supportive and the value for money i've get w

Who is dana sota? A very nice looking lady, looking more younger than other ladies of her age, with a son of 24 yo, with a great blog (, where she is suggesting what kind of skin care products you should use. She is very friendly and h

My wife just came from pharmacy with 10 Oscillococcinum packs, because they were on sale :) Me personally i cannot say that it works like a charm. Indeed, Oscillococcinum is a natural remedi (versus all the other chemicals that you eat) that helps feel

Roneamt (Romane fii mai neamt) website has been developed by Iulian Craciun and Constantin Ferseta to raise awareness on the civilisation of the average romanian people. The movement has been suported until now by more than 400 different bloggers and the

Google Adsense is one of the best way to make money online. It is very easy to implement, it takes only 2-3 days to be approved, the payment is excellent (via cec or western union). Unfortunatelly, they do not have a close competitor. There are several

With an exquisite location, on Primaverii Bvd, Shape Art Pilates Studio is a great way to do pilates. The studio has just been launched for a month or something and it is already almost fully booked. There are 3 partners that are in this (in alphabetic

Do you have problems with negative reviews online? Positivisers Can Help. Do you want more traffic from google? Positivisers Can Help. Do you want more awareness online? Positivisers Can Help. Do you want positive reviews? Positivisers Can Help. Gua

Iulian Craciun is one of the most know people with handicap in Romania. And he is one of the most ambitious. He is sitting in a wheelchair, he is 32 y.o, has 40kg, he is the CEO of Sicotel and has a great family (a superb wife that loves him and a great

Since the january 2010 I am going to IDM CLub on a regulary bases, to the semiolimpic pool, to swim. By far is the best pool in Bucharest: - very very clean - water has 31 degrees celsius - great lockers - VERY FEW PEOPLE to bump into - excellet pric

This summer my other canon camera felt on concrete and stop working. And during my negociation with my wife, I wanted to buy a Nikon D3000 (a DSLR entry level) and my wife wanted a small compact camera for her to be able to take pictures also. After a

Stefan Pirpiliu is a member of the Romanian Parlament, with some very interesting ideas. Very focused on what he is doing, he is fighting against "dream shops" - selling legal drugs. He is very vertical and i hope it will reach far away, in order to imple

Mobexpert has great quality products, but the price is very high, with huge margins.

Digimobil from RCS-RDS is a great internet connection option in romania. I had a Zapp connection and now I am using also a Vodafone mobile connection. The digimobil one works 10 times faster than the vodafone ones. The download works like 300KB/s. Excell

I really like my Mitsubishi Outlander. I have it for more than an year now and it works like a charm.

It's a very nice phone, with a lot of improvables things: - first, if you are doing something, like checking your emails and somebody is calling you, it's almost impossible to change to loudspeaker (very annoying) - now, i cannot see the pics i make, i

I really like danone cremosso. It's taste is awsome.Together with Danone nutriday it seems to me that are the most natural yogurts from danone. The rest are crap, with too many sugar and "natural flavours". But danone cremoso really rulz :) I totall

I like a lot this movement that romanians are doing it - It\'s being done by Ecorom Romania, the number one recycling company. It\'s a very good thing that such activation is done, because people here throw too much usefull stuf

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