Review Lenovo A10-70 Tablet 10.1-inch : Lenovo A10-70 Tablet 10.1-inch (Quad Core 1.3GHZ, 1GB, 16GB EMMC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, x2 Cameras, Android 4.2) - Midnight Blue

To give my review some context - I've been an IT professional for 16 years, so consider myself fairly tech-savvy. I also have an iPad Air at home for family use. The issue has been that the iPad doesn't allow user profiles, so apps like email, facebook etc have to be set for one family member only. I suggested that I get a cheap tablet for my own use (the Lenovo A10-70) and my wife will use the iPad.

My thoughts:

Performance - this tablet uses a Cortex A7 processor - what this means is that the processor is designed to favour low power over out and out performance, compared with some higher end tablets using the A15, which is built for performance rather than low power. Having said that, this tablet is rapid for what it is! It punches well above its weight, and runs extremely smoothly. Web browsing is fast, and switching between applications is fairly instant.

Battery life - As others have already commented, the A10-70 battery lasts well. I usually need to charge it after every 3-4 days of moderate use. It loses around 5% of battery overnight (with WiFi on, push email enabled), and charges at a rate of about 20% per hour.

I have sometimes had issues where it charges much more slowly, though it seems to charge okay providing the charger is connected to the tablet first, and then plugged into the mains.

Screen - Clearly this is not a retina screen, although this sounds worse on paper than when you see it. Colours are generally bright, and both films and games look fine. The lack of resolution can mean that some text on web pages looks a little bit fuzzy, though this seems very dependent on the fonts used. In day to day use, the resolution isn't an issue.

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